MYSQL Ubuntu issues:

  • On shutdown/Poweroff system could take up to 10 minutes to stop mysql daemon.
    This issue is described here . Ubuntu update should resolve this caveat in the future. 


    jQuery issues:

  • In a Lab selecting few nodes, when unzoomed, will also select shapes that are not int the area of selection
  • Moving nodes/objects not synced with mouse after right/left click in unzoomed Lab
  • Adding nodes/obj, when unzoomed, are not properly positioned on Lab canvas
  • In general zoom is not very friendly with the lab editing - moving, connecting, creating nodes.

    General issues:

  • Overlapping objects, nodes and txt are not well selected - select needed things with ctrl+click and not mouse hover
  • When multiple nodes selected, they can be moved by a none selected text or shape object. That will not give any error, but will not save further movements. Lab/Page refresh fixes that.