AMD Ryzen CPU Support

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Re: AMD Ryzen CPU Support

Post by stsfred » Sun Aug 09, 2020 4:37 pm

Hi guys,

just FYI, if you have problems running xrv9k image on your ryzen/threadripper machine, use these KVM cpu options for your xrv9k:

Use QEMU 2.12 and virtio-net-pci.

Thanks to amitp for this info, who shared it on Cisco Community forums here: ... -ryzen-cpu

I have been struggling with this problem for 3 years. finally it works. It will not be as fast as with native cpu support, but for labbing, its fine. The underlying problem seems to be that Cisco is using intel-only flags for this VM and does not even check if the underlying CPU architecture is Intel or not. Hopefully, next version of xrv9k will check CPU capabilities and will use vendor-specific flags.

EDIT: Mike, I think it would be useful if you put this information to the cookbook.

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