Clipboard problem

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Clipboard problem

Post by sagixoho » Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:47 am

Hello all,
I've been playing with EVE-NG some, and I must say, I'm impressed. Right now I have it installed (via ISO) on an ESXi host.
Everything seems to work pretty much perfectly, from IOL, to vIOS, to F5 VE, to Linux VM's.
Though I've noticed something odd though. When using UltraVNC or TightVNC to connect to clients, I can't copy/paste, in either direction. The clipboard just doesn't work. Even the HTML5 client can't seem to copy/paste using the shift/alt menu.
All of the Linux distros I've run so far (Puppy and Kali) have been live CD's running on QEMU.
Is this expected behavior? Or is this something that I can fix? I've tried reinstalling both clients, as well as updating the packages on the server, but so far nothing seems to have helped.
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Uldis (UD)
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Re: Clipboard problem

Post by Uldis (UD) » Sun Aug 02, 2020 8:56 am

It is not EVE issue but VNC which not allowing copy/pste.
Best way to prepare your image with xRDP, Linux supports it now, and you can copy and paste
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