where is eth0 ?

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where is eth0 ?

Post by cupisexa » Thu Jan 21, 2021 3:50 am


I installed the newest EVE-NG community from the download to do a bare install. it seems that the only interface that is showing up in the ifconfig command is Loop 0. i tried to change the /etc/network/interface file that did not help.
could someone advice on how to get this up and running.
just an FYI, the install instructions don't match the actual install.

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Re: where is eth0 ?

Post by Uldis (UD) » Thu Jan 21, 2021 10:07 am

It does match, you simply missed part with interfaces name change and grub
And it is exactly decribed in eve community cookbook
1. install legacy Ubuntu 16.04 server
2. then eve

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Re: where is eth0 ?

Post by ericzm » Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:39 pm

Similar problem. Although I already had a working EVE-NG PRO (3.x) running. After upgrading to version 4.0, I lost eth0 after reboot. Not sure how to restore eth0.

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