Before posting something, READ the changelog, WATCH the videos, howto and provide following:
Your install is: Bare metal, ESXi, what CPU model, RAM, HD, what EVE version you have, output of the uname -a and any other info that might help us faster.

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Post by ramindia » Mon May 01, 2017 4:50 am

Hi All

It is worth reading this thread message before you post your problem on EVE-NG forum.

Please do help EVE-NG Team or other forum users to help you better, by expressing of your LAB setup, rather just not working, explain about your detailed hardware config and what steps you have followed to solve the issue.

Like below Example :
  • Hardware : you server config - CPU - E25XX-V3 (16 Cores), 64GB RAM, 1TB HDD, how many network interfaces
  • EVE-NG Running on - Inside ESXI (v6.0) / Bare Metal Linux (Ubunut 16.10) / VM Work Station (10.X)
  • VT-X - Enabled ( This is must to run most of the nodes)
Before posting the Problem : ( Have you checked below steps Example)

My Node note starting. ( have you followed example below)
  • 1. check the path of the image ( for windows win-XXXX)
  • 2. have you fixed permission(/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions)
  • 3. file name format matches against EVE-NG requirement mentioned in the site.
  • 4. Check the logs /opt/unetlab/data/Logs/
above steps not solved the problem, Did you searched in EVE-NG forum similar problem, yes you did and you did not find the solution,
Then sure you do not have any option than posting your problem as mentioned above format.

So you get a quick reply, since you tried level best to resolve the issue, now you need EVE-NG support or other forum users to help you.

Note : I have just wrote this thread message simplify the problem, this how we resolve the Tickets at our work place, if we can help EVE-NG team, they can spend mode valuable time for bigger issues and make improvement of the product.

Hope this will help all the users to help each other.

This is pure my view of expression, i am not sure how many of them like this idea or not. but i leave it to moderator he/she did not like it..please delete this post.

happy to help my best....happy to support opensource projects.