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Simple switch

Post by pcolbeck » Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:41 pm

It would be nice if there were a simple L2 switch in EVE-NG that could be used to connect things. Wouldn't need to be a managed switch that did VLANs just a simple L2 switch.
The current "net" object doesn't act like a switch it acts like a repeater. For example if you use it to connect several Cisco devices together they all see each other via CDP which they wouldn't if they were connected via a switch.
This can cause issues if you are using some kind of management application that infers topology from things like CDP, it sees direct connections between routers or switches when there should be non. An example of this is Cisco DCNM which really can cope with the OOB interfaces being connected using the EVE-NG net object.
I can get round this by deploying an IOS L2 node and using that for all the OOB connections but for such a simple thing it would be nice if the EVE-NG inbuilt switch behaved properly.

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