Is PNETLab a trustworthy platform?

Here you can ask EVE-NG team to add new images to the list to play in lab.

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Re: Is PNETLab a trustworthy platform?

Post by Uldis (UD) » Mon Jan 08, 2024 8:40 am

EVE-NG has nothing common or related with PNETLAB tool.
PNETLAB is illegal copy (fork) made from EVE Community.

EVE-NG LTD had not provided any rights to use EVE-NG source such way! Source and a lot of contents (templates) are simply stolen from EVE-NG. Official EVE-NG LTD is not responsible about any of PNETLAB scammer's activities.
Before you start use it, think, if you are ready violate Cisco, Juniper and other vendor rules!
After attempt to login in local PNETLAB VM, you will be redirected to scammers web site to do login in there to have access back to your local VM!!! Your VM will be linked with their server.
Then you will have offer to download labs with Cisco images copies, as well other vendors.
It is violation of any copyrights, ethic and overall rules.
Uldis Dzerkals