Allied Telesis AlliedWare Plus EVE-NG Build

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Allied Telesis AlliedWare Plus EVE-NG Build

Post by jonasz » Tue Sep 29, 2020 10:41 am

At the moment AlliedWare Plus is downloadable in Version 5.4.8 as I know under GPL,
that is even why I was wondering, that no build for EVE-NG was made, even though
that Allied Telesis is providing even the Router OS as GPL.

Is it able that someone can make a build for EVE-NG or what is needed for a normal build,
the Tar.gz and the data provided ( ... ion-548-02) from Telesis should be installed on a virtual Linux (Distro?) platform, installing all the packages containt in AlliedWare. Providing the virtual machine beforehand with enough interface, renaming the interfaces as it is the standard on AlliedWare and generating a vmdk or ova, then convert it to the qcow2 Format. Config. yml, templates need a matching configuration for the AlliedWare Build, but where is the matching between the QEMU images and the virtual disk, I mean VMWare uses mostly scsi, so if the virtual machine is build with that, it should be scsia right?

Update: 13.10.2020
Currently testing something out, requested from Allied Telesis the finished VAA build Version 5.50.x
It can be used in VMware and VirtualBox, so a qcow2 image shouldn`t be a problem, disadventage of the Alliedware Plus Image is
that someone needs to request for every Note a demo-license with a max-time of 90 day, but once the lab is created with at least
4 device the normal material of the Technician Certification can be tried out without any issue. Currently still everything on VMware.
I will try to create the missing pieces and if it works, I will post it as solution.

Best Regards

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