DMVPN Lab 3 RIPv2 to EIGRP transition

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DMVPN Lab 3 RIPv2 to EIGRP transition

Post by labsproject » Fri Dec 06, 2019 6:05 pm

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Originally DMVPN topology came with RIPv2 as the routing protocol but as new DMVPN neighbors start coming up, routing issues related to this distance vector protocol started to pile up, it has been decided that new protocol is necessary to improve stability of VPN infrastructure, implement the smooth transition to EIGRP without impacting any traffic flow. Lab details included within the .unl file.

Currently, DMVPN topology runs RIPv2 for its routing needs, due to this routing protocol limitations, the owner of this network asks you to help him migrate to the faster protocol of EIGRP. The transition has to be accomplished smoothly that there would be no loss of data during this operation. Begin the process of changing RIP to EIGRP with enabling EIGRP on the HQ routers first and then adjust the administrative distance in the way that new routing protocol will not modify the state of routing information base. With the EIGRP network command advertise all necessary networks on the HQ router. Then repeat similar steps to enable EIGRP on the spoke routers. Before removing RIPv2 from routers' configuration, enable on HQ router, redistribution of routes into EIGRP topology from RIPv2, this will prevent loss of communication between spokes LANs and HQ LAN. Starting with router R4 and work your way to HQ router, disable RIPv2.

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